Custom vending controllers and interfaces development

Vending development services

Based on our 16 years of vending development experience, we can design and manufacture virtually any vending electronics module, either vending machines controllers or various interfaces. Using 32bit microcontroller based boards and also Android industrial tablets, we can follow your specifications in order to design the hardware and software you need for any vending application or system

You only need to send us a detailed specification of any vending project you may have in your mind and we will analyze and come back with our proposition

Based on your specification, we are offering you our full experience to get the best from your idea, in the most reliable and cost effective way. We have designed not only standard vending machines controllers and interfaces, but some "weird" projects, such as payment kiosks, paid access, even unattended toilet access controllers, for example, liquid dispensing controllers, laundry systems, etc.

Either you need a photo booth or a raw milk vending machine or if you need to use modern payment systems to connect to a computer or to upgrade your old vending machines, we can help you

We are fully pro-active and we are adding our ideas to yours, in order to offer you a full package support with your development

Even if you are not our customer, we can help you with some ideas, we love to share our long time experience. Just send us your questions we will love to guide you on your way from an idea to a fully working vending machine.