MDB master to RS232 interface

What is this device?

This device is a small piece of hardware that can translate RS232 to MDB master in order to manage MDB payment systems. It internally handles critical MDB aspects (like 9bit communication, timings, etc.) and let you develop your own MDB flow.

You need to be familiar with MDB protocol since the interface is using low level programming and all MDB messages are converted to and from 9bit format. Your application should handle the entire MDB protocol for the desired payment systems.

This device is an obsolete product.

How it's working?

Your application is implementing the MDB message exchange, while the interface is converting to and from 9bit format and is handling the MDB critical timings. Any message you are sending to the interface will be translated and sent to the MDB bus. Also, any MDB peripheral answer will be ACKed or NAKed automatically and the conveerted 8bit message will be sent to RS232.

What you need to do?

You need to implement all desired MDB functions in your application in order to handle the payment systems. There is no limitation, your application can send any valid message to the bus, it will be converted to the 9bit format and sent without filtering.

Can I go deeper with my own application?

Yes, of course. You can buy the interface schematic and firmware and you can integrate in your own device. Please not that there is an NDA and a contract required prior to receive the interface schematic and firmware. The firmware is provided in binary HEX and you will need to buy a 30EUR programmer to load into your own project that integrates it.


User's manual (v1.6) Download the manual
Python 3 demo application Download demo application