PICOVEND EZ Executive to MDB converter

What is this device?

It is a fast and reliable board, based on ESP32 microcontroller, that can be used to upgrade any Executive vending machine to MDB payment systems. It is a plug and play module, easy to configure.

This device is ready for the market. Send us an e-mail if you need commercial details.

How it's working?

That is easy, you only need to connect to the vending machine over Executive, connect MDB payment systems and apply AC or DC power. The device is working as a standalone interface (configurable by Bluetooth with an Android application) or as a managed interface, connected over USB to a computer or a Raspberry Pi. The entire MDB and executive protocol is handled internally and, for managed mode, only few simple commands can be used to send credit, give change, etc.

What you need to do?

Almost nothing. You need to correctly configure it's working parameters and the interface is ready to go, converting Executive vending machines to MDB payment systems.

Can I go deeper on the MDB protocol?

Yes, we can develop some custom peripherals if your project requires that and we can even create a custom firmware, upon your needs.

Resources for PICOVEND EZ Eecutive to MDB converter

User's configuring and programming manual (v1.00) Download the manual
User's assisted usage manual (computer or Raspberry Pi connected over USB) (v1.00) Download the manual
Device configuring Android application Download application