PICOVEND EZ ESP8X relay board

What is this device?

It is a fast and reliable board, based on ESP32 microcontroller, that can be used to control 8 external circuits.
This device is an MDB slave device with 8 relays, that can be controlled by USB or by an MDB master device to. It has 8 relays, with NO/NC contacts.

This device is ready for the market. Send us an e-mail if you need commercial details.

How it's working?

That is easy, you are connecting it to the PICOVEND EZ MASTER as a slave device in order to expand it to control up to 8 electrical circuits. This way, you can create a system that can manage MDB payment systems (coin, bill, 2 cashless devices) and, in the same time, to control up to eight electrical circuits by simply connecting the system over an USB B cable to a computer, a Raspberry Pi (or compatible SBC, etc.
Also, it can be part of a self service system with 8 timed circuits (for example, a self service car washing machine with 8 washing programs). In this configuration, each relay can have it's own price.

What you need to do?

Almost nothing. You need to connect to PICOVEND EZ MASTER or PICOVEND EZ SELF LITE loaded with the proper firmware and start controlling up to 8 electrical circuits.

Can I go deeper on the MDB protocol?

On this device, you cannot write your own firmware. It can only be used with stock firwmare.

We can develop some custom peripherals if your project requires that and we can even create a custom firmware, upon your needs.

Resources for PICOVEND EZ ESP 8X board

User's manual (v1.00) Download the manual