What is this device?

This device is an MDB slave interface that incorporates the logic needed to mange a myPOS terminal (model D200), by RS232 serial cable. We have also prepared a firmware that can be connected via Bluetooth to the new myPOS Go 2 terminals (when they will become available on the market).

The device is available for the market. Contact us for commercial details.

How it's working?

You just need to configure interface's working mode and start accepting card payments using a myPOS D200 terminal.

What you need to do?

Almost nothing, you just need to configure the working mode and connect the POS and the vending machine.It can be connected to any MDB vending machine that can handle MDB cashless devices, Level 2 or Level 3.It is supporting both working modes(always idle or session)

Can I go to a lower level?

Yes, we can develop custom firmware in order to connect to any POS available on the market.

Resources for PICOVEND EZ myPOS

Interface manual Download the manual
Configuring application Download application