What is this device?

This is a kit ready to control a self service sistem with a maximum of 8 selections (working programs), for example a car washing service

Architecture and functions:
  • Working with any ccTalk coin acceptor to accept payments by coin tokens
  • Working with any MDB card reader, to accept payments by fidelity cards and subscription cards
  • Using default LCD alphanumerical display (2 rows, 16 characters each), with blue backlight
  • Optional Android 7" display with 30mm height timer digits and extended running program description
Kit content:
  • Controller + alphanumerical display
  • 8 relays expansion module
  • 9 wires cable to connect to your panel buttons (requires 8 momentary NO buttons - OFF-(ON))
  • Optional, Android 7" display and cable

The device is available on the market, please contact us for commercial information

How it's working?

That's easy, you just need to connect, configure the working paramenters using Android application over Bluetooth and you can star accepting coin tokens and/or fidelity cards and subscription cards for your services The controller supports individual price/time for each of the 8 programs it can control. On program change, the remaining time is reported from the previous program to the selected program.

What should I do?

Almost nothing, you just need to configure the working parameters and you are ready to start your self service business

Can I get more functions?

Of course, we can develop other peripherals and/or software functions, according to your specification


Android configuring application Download the application
Board manual Download the manual