What is this device?

This kit has a very flexible configuration, depending on the attached peripherals. It can be used to build one of the following machine architecture:

  • Coins/tokens dispenser machine with one or two ccTalk hoppers
  • Coins/tokens dispenser machine with one or two ccTalk hoppers and optional fidelity card/subscription card dispenser
  • Up to 64 electrical circuits control system (adding optional 8 relays expansion modules), for lockers, laundry, kiddie rides, etc
Architecture and functions:
  • Graphica 10" Android display with 2 USB hosts ports
  • Vandalproof and waterproof metal keypad with blue backlight for product selection
  • Supporting one or two ccTalk hoppers (non-encrypted)
  • Supporting optional card dispenser
  • Supporting any MDB payment system (coin acceptor/changer, bill validator and up to two cashless systems, including MDB credit card readers)
  • Can return change after transaction, if equipped with coin changer
  • If it is used with attached card dispenser and a compatible MDB cashless device, it can offer the fidelity cards/subscription cards recharge function, with cash, on the machine.
  • If it is used with two attached hoppers, if the first hoppers is out of stock or jammed, the machine will continue work using the second hopper.
  • Configuration (prices, product types and names, etc.) can be modified by Bluetooth, using a free Android application we provide (Android olny supported).
  • Can display detaild counters on the graphical screen
  • Relays time can be configured according to the price in a range of 0 to 65530 seconds, to open a drawer, locker, activate laundry systems, kiddie rides, etc.
Kit content:
  • Android 10" graphical display
  • Vandalproof, waterproof metal keypad with blue backlight for product selection
  • Low level, hardware, for peripherals control
  • Card dispenser (optional)
  • 8 relays expansion modules (optional)

This product is available for the market. Contact us for commercial details

How it is working?

You are sending us the desired configuration and we will prepare the kit for you

What should I do?

Almost nothing, you just need to configure controller's working paramenters, to attach the MDB payment sistems one or two hoppers and the optional card dispenser (if needed) and you are ready to start

Can I go to a lower level?

Of course, we can design any hardware peripheral you may need and develop and firmware to match your specifications


Configuring manual Download the manual
Configuring Bluetooth (Android) application Download the application