What is this device?

It is an out of the box controller for change machines, token dispensers or souvenir coin/medals dispensing. By connecting MDB payments and a ccTalk hopper, you can instantly build a token dispenser for self service solutions (like car washing, laundry, kiddie rides, etc.)

Also, you can build a souvenir coins/medals dispensing machine or a change machine that is dispensing coins for shopping carts on supermarkets.

It is a fiscal ready device, according to Romanian law, by sending all cash sales value and product ID to the cashless device. Fiscal modules will sniff the cash transactions if there is a cashless device connected or will report directly to the fiscal device when a cashless device is not connected.

This device is available for the market. Send us an e-mail if you need commercial details.

How it's working?

That is easy, you need to configure the device parameters by using the friendly Android application over Bluetooth and you are ready to start selling tokens, coins or medals.

We are also developing a communication module for this device, that will connect it to any Mosquitto MQTT broker in order to send sales and malfunction information.

What you need to do?

Almost nothing. You need to only set the correct working parameters, connect it to the payment systems and the ccTalk hopper and start selling tokens, coins or medals. We can adjust the device business flow according to your specifications, if you have a custom project.

Can I go deeper with my own application?

Yes, we can develop some custom peripherals if your project requires that and we can even create a custom firmware, upon your needs.


User configuration Android app (v1.17) Download Android application
Board manual Download board manual